Litters in future

Swallowsflight U litter.
Expected date of birth October 22th 2018.

We expext only black puppies

Dutch Champion
Winchmore  Bet Your Bottom Dollar NJK '16
Date of birth: 21 februari 2015
HD: A     ED: free     PRA/Cat.: free     Pat. Lux.: free     Gonio: free
Show: Dutch Champion  
Work: SJP - B certificates and WT - B1 certificate

Dutch Champion
Swallowsflight Galaxy Gem-Darcy
NJK '12  

Date of birth: 16 juni 2011
HD: A        PRA/Cat.: free         Pat. Lux.: free
Show: Dutch Champion -
Work: SJP - B certificate and Epreuve 2

Swallowsflight V litter.
Expected date of birth November 4th 2018.
We expect black and liver puppies.

Dutch Champion

Swallowsflight Waterman-Dusty 

NJK '15   -   JW  '15
Date of birth: 15 november 2014
HD: A     ED : free     PRA/Cat.: free     Pat. Lux.: free     Gonio: free
Show:   4 CAC's  en 3 Reserve  CAC's

Work: SJP - B  certificates

Dutch Champion
Swallowsflight Celtic Rose Jente
NJK '17    -    JW '16 
Date of birth: 14 januari 2016
HD: A     ED: free     PRA/Cat.: free         Pat. Lux.: free        Gonio: -
Show: 4 CAC's
Work: FRC retrievertest