The Swallowsflight Story.

In 1969 I got my first Flatcoated Retriever from England,the male  Heronsflight Trust bred by Mrs. Joan Mason.

In 1972 I imported the young adult bitch Heronsflight Jinx.

They were the foundation stock for the Swallowsflight line, breeding started in 1974, when Heronsflight Jinx was mated by Heronsflight Trust.

During the following 30 years, now and then, new imports from several well know English breeders were brought in, puppies from the Torwood, Heronsflight and Wizardwood kennels. Most of them became champions.

The Most well known are Multi Champion Heronsflight Pan's Pledge and Multi Champion Wizardwood Major Oak.

More recently very promising puppies from Braemist, Riversflight and again Wizardwood were imported. But our bitch line still goes back to our foundation stock.

Until now 31 Swallowsflight Flatcoats are Dutch Champion and many of them have foreign Champion titles and in a lot of other European countries and America exported Swallowsflight Flatcoats have gained Champion status.

Six of our dogs gained Field Trial awards and all are competing in cold game and/or dummytests.

Our aim was and still is to breed typy, healthy dual purpose Flatcoated Retrievers with that unique character!!!